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Improve Your Employee Retention, Engagement, and Productivity with


Companies who implement neurodiversity programs report, on average, a 96% employee retention rate, a 50% increase in productivity, and a 2x faster skill acquisition in their workforce.

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An Engaged Workforce Is The Foundation for A Successful Business.

Your workforce is your most important asset. Yet, companies are finding it more difficult than ever to fully engage and then retain their most valuable assets.

It isn’t always an option to add staff, so it’s imperative to make the most with the talent you already have in-house. We have decades of experience in workforce development and will work with you to define objectives, evaluate internal processes, and lead workshops that positively impact your retention, engagement and productivity.

The Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Solution For Your Organization

Research shows that diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time. Maximizing your ability to effectively manage diversity within your workforce – including developing best practices for your neurodistinct professionals – will not only strengthen your organization’s retention and productivity, but supercharge your overall efficiency and employee satisfaction.

We can help you get there.

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The Process

Here’s What You Can Expect From EMPOWER

We partner with you to evaluate your current productivity, engagement and retention metrics, and develop a plan to improve them. We accomplish this by doing the following:

Goals & Objectives

Defining your specific pain points and actionable solutions to improve them.

Plan Development

Defining how to achieve those goals and objectives; establish best practices.

Training & Support

Developing customized workshops and training to improve results in key areas.

Survey Metrics

Continuously consulting on strategies to support employee groups.

Custom Best Practices

Developing a playbook for leaders and teams, including recruiters and HR and field staff.

Measured ROI

Demonstrating continuous value through results reporting and other key metrics.

Why Potentia

Do You Need Recruitment In Addition To Workforce optimization?

Our STARS Program, which stands for Spectrum Training, Recruitment and Support can be life changing for both managers and new hires.

Our recruitment focuses on matching neurodistinct talent to your staffing needs. This program is led by neurodivergent professionals, is metrics-driven, and provides highly customized coaching based on your specific needs for both managers and candidates throughout hiring, on-boarding, and management.

STARS can run concurrently with EMPOWER or on its own.

Great talent you like l would have missed

Metrics that ensure program is working

Customized Best Practices to scale

Increased engagement across entire workforce

What clients are saying

“Participation in this program has improved my listening skills. I have practiced more empathy and have found more personal awareness on how I can improve communicative skills with everyone on the team.”
– Manager

“The program has helped me communicate better. I’ve also been reminded, once again, that so many different communication and working styles exist. None of them are wrong, they just differ – all of which can be effective.”
– Peer

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