About Us

Potentia is Latin for power or force. We believe that a 21st century workforce must be innovative, engaged, and inclusive.

We accomplish this by providing training and support for organizations looking to leverage Neurodiverse talent, and providing career opportunities for Neurodistinct individuals.

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At Potentia, we don’t just train companies how to be ND-competent, we hire our own primarily ND teams to deliver innovative technology and data solutions through our Potentia Projects offering. If you’re interested in working with people who can Think Differently about your business, click HERE.

About Our CEO

Our Why

Potentia’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Miller, has spent over two decades in leadership roles in the human capital industries. He was president of a global workforce firm which provided over 2,000 engineers and field workers to industries including energy, aerospace, manufacturing and technology. Jeff had full responsibility for day-to-day operations of this international firm, reporting to the board of directors, and successfully completed four acquisitions during his tenure.

Providing value for his clients, not just transactional solutions, is the core of his professional ethos.

Jeff also has an awesomely cool teenage son, Charlie, who is autistic. Upon receiving a diagnosis when Charlie was six years old, Jeff spent a decade researching everything he could about neurodiversity, including meeting with experts, groups, and other professionals around the world. The knowledge he gained led him to blend his professional expertise with an extremely personal mission to form Potentia.

How Jeff got here:

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This is what we‘re all about

Our Core Values


We look for new and creative ways to deliver value to our clients, our partners, and our community.


We believe that involving yourself in pursuits that serve others is essential to a purposeful life and career.


We say what we mean and we mean what we say. This is the foundation for relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


We have seen that companies like ours that draw from the widest swaths of humanity simply run better.

What clients are saying

“Potentia connected us with the right people and helped to enable the right environment for the Neurodiversity Program.”
– Manager

“The employees brought their unique perspectives to help solve the issue of disconnected systems within the corporation.”
– Mentor