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About Us

Potentia is Latin for power or force. We chose this name because we believe that workforces can only be at their most powerful when they are innovative, inspired, and inclusive.

Our mission is to help organizations to be their best by leveraging Neurodiverse talent through our STARS program, optimizing performance and culture through EMPOWER, and leveraging innovative tech and analytics talent to deliver Projects. We do this in order to provide more and better career opportunities for Neurodiverse individuals.

At Potentia, we don’t just train companies how to be ND-competent, we hire our own primarily ND teams to manage and deliver our services.

We’re for the Neurodiverse, by the Neurodiverse.

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This is what we‘re all about

Our Core Values


Companies who draw from, engage and support the widest swaths of humanity simply run better.


We believe that involving yourself in pursuits that serve others is essential to a purposeful life and career.

Potentia Workforce
Potentia Workforce

We look for new and creative ways to deliver value to our clients, our partners, and our community.


We strive to always align our words and our actions, and to practice positive, solution-oriented communication.

About Our CEO

Our Why

As a business leader with over two decades in the human capital space, CEO Jeff Miller has worked with executives across the globe. As a father to an autistic son, he also understands what a capable, yet untapped group that neurodivergent professionals are.

With his son’s future at the front of his mind, Jeff spent a decade researching everything he could about Neurodiversity, including meeting with experts, groups and other professionals around the world. The knowledge he gained led him to blend his professional expertise with an extremely personal mission, and so he formed Potentia.

Listen to Jeff explain this journey to form Potentia in his own words here:

What We Do

We offer three services to help organizations to benefit from Neurodiversity:

STARS: For corporations looking to improve their relationship to talent, we offer a customized set of workshops to coach your leaders and teams, ensuring they understand the business benefits of leveraging Neurodiversity. We then recruit and shortlist neurodiverse talent to fill often-open positions. We also provide ongoing support for the entire workforce, including guidance on interviewing, hiring, and management, along with continued engagement with managers and new hires.

This is an end-to-end program focused heavily on training, recruitment and support.

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EMPOWER: For corporations that are seeking an experienced partner to help them to improve productivity, employee engagement, and retention across the entire workforce, we create plans to help you measure and improve these key workforce metrics. This program can also bring measurable results to your DEI efforts.

We will work with you to develop and implement a set of recommendations and process improvements that emphasize person-centered leadership, psychological safety, employee supports and guidance in areas like change management, corporate communications and inclusive hiring practices and mentorship programs.

EMPOWER can run concurrently with STARS or as a stand-alone effort.

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Projects: Potentia project teams combine decades of experience in technology and analytics, along with the ability to think differently in building innovative solutions. If you’re seeking innovative and fully outsourced solutions for complex technology and analytics initiatives, this service would best suit your needs.

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What clients are saying

“Potentia connected us with the right people and helped to enable the right environment for the Neurodiversity Program.”
– Manager

“The employees brought their unique perspectives to help solve the issue of disconnected systems within the corporation.”
– Mentor

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