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Let’s change the world
of work together.

Join Our Growing Neurodiverse
Talent Community!

Whether you’re well-established in your career, or just starting the job hunt, the NDTC serves as a free resource to support your career journey.

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Opportunities Through
Potentia Careers

We recruit neurodistinct professionals through partnerships with committed leading organizations across industries.

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What is the NDTC?

Whether you’re searching for a job or not, the NDTC hopes to provide ND’s with opportunities for peer support, access to resources, including tools, tips and perspectives from other ND’s.

For those on the job search, we also seek to connect you with roles that speak to your interests and experiences, with organizations that have proven commitment to creating an inclusive, psychologically safe culture.

And you identify as neurodistinct

[including but not limited to:]

Autistic – Strengths:

Concentration, Fine Detail Processing, Memory

ADHD – Strengths:

Resilience, creativity, conversational skills, spontaneity, and abundant energy.

Dyslexic – Strengths:

Visual Thinking, Creativity, 3D Mechanical Skils

OCD – Strengths:

Good organisational skills, Imaginative / creative, Attention to detail, Empathetic

PTSD – Strengths:

sense of responsibility, valuing of connection

Tourette’s – Strengths:

Observational Skills, Cognitive Control, Creativity.

Potentia Careers

Foundational principles of
neuroinclusive organizations

They remove selection barriers by ensuring the process is not biased against Neurodistinct employees.


They listen to their Neurodistinct employees and stay informed on how to shape psychologically-safe work cultures.


They support person-specific accommodations.

Learn more about the candidate and employer journeys within the STARS program

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Common Industries Recruiting With Potentia

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas

Roles Recently Filled By NDTC Members

Accounts Receivable Clerk
Application Support
Billing Analyst
Business Intelligence Specialist
Cloud Computing Specialist
Cloud Engineer
Cyber Engineer
Cyber Security Engineer
Data Analyst
Electrical Engineer
Emissions Associate
Executive Assistant
Machine Learning Engineer
Network Administrator
Neurodiversity Mentor
Neurodiversity Talent Coach
Project Manager
Quality Assurance
Sales Development Representative
Software Engineer
Strategic Engagement Analyst

Currently Currently Recruiting For*

*Note: Potentia displays roles here that are still accepting candidates. Roles with a sufficient number of applicants are removed. All ND’s are encouraged, however, to join the NDTC, as that is our first source for talent when new roles arise. These can be internal roles or positions with our clients. See above for examples of the most common roles we hire for.

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