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Potentia STARS

Potentia STARS stands for Spectrum Training, Recruitment, and Support.

This program educates and supports employers to successfully hire and retain Neurodistinct talent.

We connect employers with highly qualified professionals, then train both parties to maximize productivity, employee engagement and long-term success.


Service Outcomes

Matches ND talent to your needs
Significantly reduces your time to hire
96% employee retention
Provides support to both employers and candidates

How STARS Works

Our overall goal is to ensure your organization can run its own ND program and integrate it into your human capital strategy.

We don’t simply just provide you with Neurodistinct professionals that match your requirements, we provide your team with foundational training first, so that the rest of the recruiting process runs smoothly and effectively.

Initial Planning


Planning Objectives

Define your overall goals and set objectives to meet them.



Evaluate your internal resources and pick a suitable area to pilot.


Determining Measurables

Define program ROI and other key metrics.


Training Employees

We offer various role-specific trainings and workshops for your organization.

Manager and Team Training

We offer various role-specific trainings and workshops for your organization. In this phase, we provide a develop a set of customized Best Practices that can be shared throughout your organization.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Role-clarity for individuals involved more closely with candidates around inclusion best practices and core value alignment.

Role and Selection Design

We consult with talent acquisition and hiring managers around job design, writing the job description and creating a compensatory selection system.

Neurodiversity Training for Managers
Inclusive Interviewing

We train all individuals involved in the recruiting process on key components for a diversity-friendly selection system.

Orientation and Onboarding

We provide consulting and develop a set of best practices that can be shared with your team and implemented throughout your organization.

Change Management

We provide resources around best practices for communicating and managing change per the individual and wider team.

Communication Best Practices

We provide training, workshops and continuous live discussion for individual and support roles around supportive communication tactics and strategies.

Neurodiversity Training for Managers
Career Pathing

We maintain ongoing, structured conversations with your new hires and develop tangible paths for career success.


Announcement Logo

We work with your team to understand their overall employment goals and set objectives.

Selection Process

We evaluate your internal resources and plan a suitable pilot.


We recruit qualified Neurodiverse professionals that match the roles for which you are hiring.

Finalising New Hires
New Hires

We work together to select the candidates who are the best fit based on their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

New Hire Support
Empowerment Training

We conduct New Hire Employment Training developed by the Neurodiverse, for the Neurodiverse.

Develop Circles of Support

We individually train and support by assigning mentors and buddies for each new hire.

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