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What We Do.

Employers are experiencing unprecedented turnover, lack of engagement, and acute workforce retention challenges. Potentia delivers solutions to those challenges through STARS, our Neurodiversity training and recruitment program, and EMPOWER, our workforce engagement and retention program.

With turnover and job vacancies at nationwide highs, there’s never been a better time to connect with your workforce and bridge these gaps.

Potentia is that bridge.

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Companies Who Have Engaged Our Services Report:


Retention Rate


50% Increase in


2x Faster Skill
I have open positions and want help finding qualified candidates in addition to workforce training.
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I want to improve the retention, productivity and engagement within my existing workforce.
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I want an outsourced solution for a complex technology project.
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I’m a Neurodistinct professional looking for work and/or community.
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About Us

Why Partner With Potentia?

Our team has decades of experience in workforce optimization, recruitment and neurodiversity. This gives us the unique ability to optimize work environments to improve engagement, productivity and retention.

We do this by leveraging neurodiverse talent that literally ‘thinks differently” to see past persistent problems and unlock innovation.

Companies who not only want to improve their retention and productivity metrics, but also understand the impact of incorporating best practices for diversity, equity and inclusion choose Potentia to get results.

According to a recent study in Forbes, companies that emphasize diversity in their workforce, including diversity of thought, are 35% more profitable than those that do not.

Let us show you the way.

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What is Neurodiversity?

Over 25% of today’s adult population is neurodiverse. Yet most businesses miss the opportunity to fully leverage this talented community.

Many people focus on the difference and ignore the incredible strengths these individuals bring.

ND-friendly work cultures leverage concepts like person-centered leadership and psychological safety, and optimize in areas like communications and change management to the benefit of corporations and individuals alike.

Organizations who have invested in hiring and optimizing for Neurodistinct professionals report lower turnover, higher productivity, and improved employee engagement.

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Benefits Of Hiring Neurodistinct Professionals

96% Average
Retention Rate
Neurodiverse Employees Are More Productive And Innovative
50% More Productive/Innovative
Hiring Neurodiverse Candidates
2x Faster Skill
Workforce Culture
Neurodiversity Hiring Program
More Effective

What clients are saying

“Participation in this program has improved my listening skills. I have practiced more empathy and have found more personal awareness on how I can improve communicative skills with everyone on the team.”
– Manager

“The program has helped me communicate better. I’ve also been reminded, once again, that so many different communication and working styles exist. None of them are wrong, they just differ – all of which can be effective.”
– Peer

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