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Get To Know Potentia

CEO Jeff Miller Explains The 'Why?' Behind Potentia Workforce
Engaging Your (Already) Neurodiverse Workforce - Potentia Perspectives
Under The Radar: Finding Untapped Talent In IT and Beyond
Jeff Miller Appears On Hit Show "The Launchcast"
Jeff Miller on the Business Case for hiring Neurodistinct talent
How Companies Benefit from hiring Neurodistinct Talent
Support to Succeed: Neurodistinct Success Enablers at Work

Potentia Programs

Potentia Workforce Solutions
STARS Neurodiversity Hiring Initiatives
EMPOWER Organizational Transformation
Featured Series

ND Voices

STARS alum Darius Shares His Message As A Veteran & Professional with PTSD & ADHD for #NDVoices
Jenn Shares Her Message As A Late Diagnosed Neurodistinct Professional For #NDVoices
STARS alum Kai Shares Advice On Entering Work As An ND Professional for #NDVoices

Potentia In The News

Read: Jeff Miller On How Diversity Can Impact A Company's Bottom Line
CIO Magazine: Hiring targets the talent of the neurodiverse community
Jeff Miller on Jane Hanson's IG Live Series: Curious Jane
Is Your Company Inclusive of Neurodivergent Employees?
Potentia Workforce Collaborates on New Neurodiversity @ Work Playbook
Vanderbilt University With Potentia's Dave Thompson: Neurodiversity and Belonging


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