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Potentia In The News

CIO Magazine: Hiring targets the talent of the neurodiverse community
Jeff Miller on Jane Hanson's IG Live Series: Curious Jane
Is Your Company Inclusive of Neurodivergent Employees?
Potentia Workforce Collaborates on New Neurodiversity @ Work Playbook

About Potentia

CEO Jeff Miller Explains The 'Why?' Behind Potentia Workforce
Introduction to Corporate America with STARS
Engaging Your (Already) Neurodiverse Workforce - Potentia Perspectives
Knowledge Portal

Learn more about Neurodiveristy

Why Companies Benefit from Hiring Neurodiverse Talent
Jeff Miller on Business Case for Hiring Neurodiverse Individuals
The Launchcast Episode 405: Inclusion at Work Has A Lot of Potentia- Jeff Miller
Featured Series

90 Seconds of Neurodiversity

STARS Graduate Kai McMillin Offers Advice to Neurodiverse Individuals
STARS Graduate Chris Fornesa Offers Advice to Neurodiverse Individuals
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