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Join our Growing Neurodiverse Workplace!

Our Neurodiverse Talent Community (NDTC) is an evolving platform that will provide free tools and resources to help ND individuals grow and progress in their careers.

The NDTC will also be the first place we look when hiring for roles within Potentia or with any of our clients around the globe.

If you are a possible match for a role we are filling, you will have the opportunity to pursue employment with a neuroinclusive organization based on your skills and abilities.

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Foundational principles of
neuroinclusive organizations

They remove selection barriers by ensuring the process is not biased against Neurodistinct employees.


They listen to their Neurodistinct employees and stay informed on how to shape psychologically-safe work cultures.


They support person-specific accommodations.

Learn more about the candidate and employer journeys within the STARS program

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Grab a copy of the Neurodiverse Accommodations Checklist

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If you have suggestions for things we can add to this platform or are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us and let us know.

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